300 Days

by Jolyn Low

Hello, I’m trying to blog again because I just have so many pent up frustrations and I really need somewhere to release all these feelings without going through the awkwardness and general douchiness of forcing it upon someone else. Considering how on-off my previous attempts have been I’m going to make it a point to type a post a day (I solemnly swear that I will try). I suppose that this’ll be a great record of my journey to them all-important A-levels that I’ll be taking and finishing in about 300 days from now. To think about it I only have 270+ days to study, which is scaring the beejeezus out of me. I’m hoping to look back on my journey to it. Let’s hope that it’ll be a good one.

I think I should start this blog off with a few goals I want to achieve this year:

1. I want to do well in the A Levels.

Its literally the most important step in my life now. I can’t mess this up. I’ll feel so bad, not for myself, for disappointing everyone. Plus I kinda want to do well so that I get some bragging rights because I’m an arrogant little bitch like that. Sue me. I know that academics do not equate to anything in life but I just want my 6 years in a shit school to pay off, you know? And so that I can get into the university that I want. So I think that I’ll be aiming for a ABB/A at the very least. They aren’t all that easy.

2. I want to do more for others.

I want to volunteer more. I want to serve the community and give something to those who aren’t as fortunate. I just want to stop being so selfish and become more selfless and actually do something in life other than for myself. I really want to take a trip overseas for a month or so too, just to travel the world, learn more about myself and also to give back. I sound like such a pompous bitch but yes.

I guess that’s all I want to do this year. I also want other stuff like general health and happiness and all that snazz but I’ve never been the most fortunate person at all so my journey may not be that enjoyable. But whatever, hate me world. I dare you to break me. What worse can be done? Other than being a generally unlucky jinx that is.

I’m excited, going to go out shopping and going to be eating a buffet. Life’s good. At least for those few hours. Till next time.