A teaspoon of happiness

by Jolyn Low

Today was a good day. Because it’s a Saturday. But that’s not all I suppose. My first conscious thought occurred when I was in the midst of a dream. It must’ve been a really vivid dream because I managed to remember most of it. And I was pleased as I managed to sleep it through till the end.

It was a rather wonderful dream. I was in an adventure, escaping. I’ve written it down. I’m thinking of making a few sketches of certain scenes too.

Saturdays are amazing because I get to have some quality time reading the papers. Then I managed to twinkle some ivories before exploring spotify and chilling to some tubes before my lesson. I had a good lesson and I guess I realize that I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it.

I headed out after to meet some friends in town. Shopping is really rather therapeutic usually but after being in China and Thailand and knowing the actual affordability of the goods I felt too ripped off to really enjoy myself. Money sucks. I’m thinking of clearing out half of my wardrobe.

Had a wonderful buffet dinner with the A div. Hadn’t laughed so much for so long. And we had udders after that. We tried some alcoholic sundae thing and I literally died I hated the taste of it, felt like gagging at every single scoop and really, it was just too strong. I think I’ll just stick to my cocktails, margaritas and wine thank you. Or just not try something with such high alcoholic content ever again.

I made it home alive and later than expected again. Hooray.