Little steps and living free

by Jolyn Low

Today has been a rather good day. I’ve just watched a couple of videos (wong fu productions, anyone?) and its just making me so happy. I think it’s because I’ve been reflecting these past few days and reevaluating myself. I’m trying to enjoy life and the people around me more.

School was alright as usual, had a really slack day to be honest. Had fun working on a surprise later after it ended and impromptuly decided to go thrifting with some friends at the Salvation Army near my house even though I had tuition work to do. They were having a Monday special where all the clothes in the basement were $2 only (I think they’re the clothes that haven’t been sorted out yet/are so old that they’re just trying to clear it). But lets get this clear, it was a frickin’ treasure trove.

I liked so many things and there were so many awesome finds I just can’t. My brain cannot comprehend how fortunate I was and how people even donate such awesome clothes. I ended up with loads of bottoms – which I really need and I’m so happy because of that.

I rushed home with five pieces and it’s so amazing. I only spend $10 can you believe that. And there were so many branded items it’s insane! I found a Cheap Monday denim jacket which looks really authentic and a pair of shorts from Topshop like wtf. Not to mention a couple of high waisted jeans that I’m going to convert into shorts. It was like hitting the jackpot.

And I rushed home to rush off to tuition and managed to finally get ionic equilibria so its just topping off my day and a make up lesson was cancelled which means that I’m back early so I can do my work. I’m evidently not doing it now but I think that I deserve a break after my awesome day. I found out that a Watson’s gift card that I’ve received for Christmas also contains a value of $50 is today my day or what. But I honestly have no idea what to spend it on (lol).

On the down side, the dog isn’t feeling well and I’m really afraid for it because it just got sterilized today. Hope that it heals well. Till tomorrow, if I survive the onslaught of lessons and GP test.

My loots: which I am extremely proud of! 🙂