(Happy) New Year

by Jolyn Low

I can’t believe how time has passed so quickly for the past few days. Reunion dinner one after the next and spending most of my time with extended family, being awkward as usual but having a great time still.

I’ve probably eaten so much that I’m just going to die once I’m back in school. My back has been hurting though, whenever I do something that impacts it like when I ride or walk a little too roughly.

I’ve wanted to complete and do work but there’s just little to no time to do it. I’m too happy enjoying life to be honest. I’m so behind on so many things it sucks but whatever.

I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten to blog for the previous few days but in my defense I’ve been really out visiting and all that shizazz so it should be excused. I was lucky enough in my family’s annual lucky draw to win wine (lol). My first alcoholic drink whoopee. Dad also taught me how to buy wine today whilst I was being wheeled about in a trolley whilst grocery shopping – I’m a kid at heart, excuse me and judge me. I was waiting to get told off but I guess no one cares hee hee.

I hope that the coming year ends up great! Hoping to get enough ang pow money to last through the year and to save up enough to go overseas/buy a laptop/dslr by myself. I’m looking forward to independence yet dreading it.