Being me

by Jolyn Low

Insolent, rebellious, tempremental, insecure, shy, anti-social, lazy, stupid. That’s all me.

Today was pretty damn amazing. I can’t believe that I’m leaving school in a few months. That the claws of education will release me into the scary world. It’s like coming out of a cave/being released. Everything is bittersweet. Laughing about stupid things, complaining about work and the system, trolling teachers and succeeding. It’s all so temporary.

I had the biggest marking discrepency of my life today, which was awesome. We were receiving our general paper comprehensions and I was quite confident that I would pass considering my previous grades scraping through last year. And to my utter horror I failed initially. Then I flipped through the paper and realized that it was impossible because my marks didn’t add up and found out that 7 marks weren’t recorded. BEST DAY EVER. So I literally jumped up 3 grades. And it’s my personal highest score so far. Yey.

I want to do better.