Violet hues and the sun

by Jolyn Low

Another week is almost over.

It’s been pretty good. I’m starting to pick myself up more, and I’ve been enjoying life. Fondue, balloons and cake and happy times reminiscing or just cracking sarcastic silly bimbotic jokes.

I’m so fortunate to have everyone around me. To have team mates for 6 years, for old friends and new friends. No matter how horrible it is there’ll always be people around. It’s just all the reminiscing about the past this week that’s getting to my head. It’s so corny but I guess I am thankful for being in school just because. No matter how much I dislike certain details about it.

I need to learn how to be productive like snap productive and do shit well once and for all so that I get more sleep. This struggle everyday is…damn hard.

My creative side comes out more the more mundane/oppressing life is. Surprising.

I just want to get rid of half the junk in my life that I don’t use anymore. Like those shorts that a pervert leered at me in. They look amazing on but it’s just plain horrible to feel like you’re a piece of meat to be eaten. Is this how models feel like everyday? Knowing that people scrutinize and maybe even wrongly use their images? Of the thoughts that people have when they see their pictures?

I am exhausted. Toodles.