Sunshine in an empty place

by Jolyn Low

Sometimes, I wonder why we are all so invested and care so much about results and studying.

I just like to savour moments and live freely. Life is better with fewer people in it, less unnecessary noise, less expectations and no burden of the future. Maybe I’ll get to do that soon in the future, after A’s and maybe after a degree. I wouldn’t want my life to be spent on something that I’m not happy doing. I don’t even feel inclined towards any university course at all – they all remind me of the hell that is jc.

Spent the morning rolling out of bed and rushing e learning like a good student for once in my life. Went to try jollibee which was acceptable but a tad pricey for the portion. The taste and menu offerings are pretty unique though, I liked it. It seems like I’ve been trying all the fast food chains that I’ve hardly ever tried before or tried before and forgotten. I tried popeyes this year too, and hated it. Then headed to watch the junior’s match before being an idiot walking home via the hill which cuts down time but is super scary and dangerous. There’s this part where there is literally only a 10cm path on a steeply slanting face and I very nearly lost my balance. I was so afraid aha I was holding into flimsy plants on the right and praying that my worn out sneakers didn’t fail me. Was also trying to preserve my modesty climbing up but luckily my diy shorts (which I think are awesome btw) are pretty long so no perverts haha. I’m going to do that climb from now on when I can, it’s so exhilirating and I guess that’s the amount of adventure I need. This reminds me I want to climb the bukit timah hill! Its just opposite my house but I have no flipping idea how to do so.

I want to start trying to bake stuff and cook too! But I’m always too cheapo to buy my own ingredients. Maybe one day I will.

Been selling stuff on carousell woohoo money in my pocket (more like savings for uni) I’m on a major clothes detox/clearance.

I just want nothing and expect nothing. A penny for my thoughts? I have none.