The thrill of it, killin’ it

by Jolyn Low

I’m so excited for my March holidays it’s killing me I can’t go without a holiday after a hard term. I love holidays. Who doesn’t, huh? Its sad that life can’t ever be a holiday forever. Maybe when I retire one day or find something that I really love doing it might.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you want it to happen. Hopes soar and crash and there is nothing that you can do. Well guess what that happens so much to me that it doesn’t even matter anymore. It’s always like that in the world, huh?

I’m currently so sleepy that my eyes are all droopy and its so unattractive I’ll probably wake up with a swollen face like I need anything else to make myself uglier (lol) short hair is so convenient I’m just going to keep it this way forever. Doesn’t hurt that it doesn’t look horrible either.

My worth is not determined by bloody meanies or their comments. I do have feelings you sick bastards I hope you all rot in hell. Haters gonna hate but I don’t need love to survive.

I wonder how it’s like living emotionless and perfect. How it’s like being a high achiever with everything sometimes. But then again not everything may be so simple.

I want to be a bum. Yup, that’s it.