A million things that I want

by Jolyn Low

I’ve been so mia and haven’t been feeling like posting everything but it’s become a habit to blog every few days. I suppose that’s it’s a good new habit? I do like expressing myself and writing seems to be the easiest means of doing so other than blabbering.

“It’s a new art form showing people how little we care.”

So this is what my weekend amounted to:

I was up pretty early to check out the nus open house and I’m pretty set on my options for the future. It’s pretty much 3 different fields of study I’m looking at – design, communications/literature or healthcare (I guess). It’s quite a varied field but I’m really not sure. Certain courses seem much more rigorous than others and I’m not sure how much I’m willing to sacrifice because I obviously want to pursue other interests whilst studying. Utown is so gorgeous though.

Had a couple of games over the two days and I’m sunburnt oh man. It was pretty taxing and tough though, luckily I have the next few days to recover. Gotta train damn hard now.

I got myself some pretty notebooks from typo too. Think that I’ll go thrifting tomorrow for the heck of it if I do enough work later today.

I was so tired after I got home today I totally crashed and slept and missed out on visiting the grandparents. Was pretty afraid of coming down with a fever as I was in the rain before and just slept without a shower under a fan. But I seem alright now.

I’m so grateful for semi/extremely supportive parents. They don’t seem to mind whatever I take in university now and are really great. I’m not doing that well now but I’m going to change that. Just you wait.