Smarting words

by Jolyn Low

Completed Great Expectations and I’m so proud of myself (lol) now just Jane Eyre and All My Sons left. And to repeat and re-read with more understanding. I love literature it’s the subject that I like the most alongside GP.

I found Great Expectations so finely crafted, every little detail, every little revealation significant and building up in the amazing plot (comparative to other novels that aren’t as mysterious and thrilling). I honestly couldn’t get enough of certain parts of the novel, so romantic, so exciting. Probably the most detailed and complex novel that I’ve read of the five so far. Such a good piece of work. Reading the alternative ending and Dicken’s planning was really eye opening too.

I have to say, Mrs Warren’s Profession was probably the most enjoyable for me. It’s the rebellion and explicit and slutty side of society that draws me in. “Lord help the world if everyone took to doing the right thing!” It was also really short and succinct which made it even better due to its faster pace and less detail.

The remaining novels tested aren’t that exciting to me personally as I prefer more plot twists. Jane Eyre is getting to me though, she’s like an ultimate role model. Even though she’s just a characterization I really look up to what she was in the book. I hope to be as honest and morally upright (seemingly impossible, really).

I still have loads of shite to complete these holidays. I’m panicking but complacent still. Help. At the very least I’ve managed to get my lazy arse off the bed and gone for a half an hour run even though only a good twenty plus  minutes was spent really running. It didn’t feel as satisfying and wearing as a good exhausting ride though – I really shouldn’t have been born in Singapore. Would’ve suited a more countryside living more in a land of meadows and bread and good natural food.

Does anyone else hate the rain as much as I do? It’s so inconvenient and dirty. Spoiling outdoor plans and making the outdoors so unattractive. I mean, if I were lying in bed cuddling in my blankets with a cup of hot coffee/tea and a captivating read I wouldn’t mind.

I still can’t decide which I like better though – coffee or tea. I took to tea first, but am slowly discovering the beauty of good coffee. Glorious flavours.

I need a dslr. And a laptop of my own. Oh just 10 more months before the end of this shite and shite learning before I can earn some money to buy them. I’m already controlling my spending I.e. not touching my bank account because my hard earned money is needed for what I want and need in the future.

Overseas/local? An experiment or a known and recognized system? Room to breathe or to attempt to juggle as much as I can and survive?