Something good can work

by Jolyn Low

Ugh I’m so physically exhausted – my body is so damn tired but my muscles aren’t hurting. Everything is coming up and I feel so unprepared for everything. How am I going to juggle comps/tests/other stuff this term. I really hope that I make it through.

Weakness is in my bones. I tire so quickly nowadays it’s a bloody joke. I can’t even run fast how the hell am I going to improve my timing I don’t want to break my “tradition” of attaining a personal best for my running. Everything is declining I can’t even accept the monstrosity that is my body. It’s so pathetic and unforgiving. And I’m really trying hard. When I was running 4km+ I felt like I was going to give up halfway. What a pathetic mess.

I’ve been really enjoying Clean Bandit though I absolutely love their concepts and their amazing videos. Urfh.

I love juice. This is so ridiculous but it just tastes so damn good I could see myself drinking a glass every morning after a workout forever. Especially carrot and apple juices they are amazing!

I’m catching up on work. Ah, little baby steps.

Been thinking about checking into the hostel for a month (June holidays maybe) and just studying hard. Maybe it’ll have good results. I hope that it really helps if I do.

Someone save me from my misery/just 8 more months till I’m out (literally!).