Don’t save me now

by Jolyn Low

I just submitted my pen picture and it’s so late that all I could think of were sarcastic and stupid replies. Was probably insulting society throughout my entire thing and there’s literally nothing for me to write lol. Because school involvement isn’t something that’s really big there and there’s hardly any voluntering done too due to circumstance and other factors.

Urghfjabfj I love Haim and George Ezra he’s so damn damn damn gorgeous and his music is so intriguing. So many good bands, how is one supposed to listen to everything and appreciate all the goodness in time? Spotify is such a bitch lol someone sponsor me the premium features please.

“If I recover, will you be my comfort?”  – CHVRCHES, Recover

I’m so so sooooooooo excited for the end of A levels hehe because the fam is finally going to the USA! Been wanting to go there since 6 years ago to celebrate the end of PSLE but in the end we just kept going to Japan instead. But its better now because we’re older and it’s actually much better this way I suppose, better appreciation and more knowledgeable. The best part is since the bro is finishing up his O’s and me my A’s its like a double whammy celebration. It’s total freedom after a hard time for us, I suppose. I feel like I should save up for whatever I want to buy on that trip (docs and jeffrey cambell and thrifting vintage items and trying cheap makeup fyes) and the food, oh yeah.

I don’t know why I’m kicking up such a big fuss about it but I just love certain aspects of the American culture. And its been a dream for far far far too long.


The damn place pisses me off so badly its so dumb and its such a waste of time.