I’ll hit the ground running

by Jolyn Low

But if I was to say I regret it, would it change a thing?

I can’t think. It destroys me. Reading is the best escape but it too brings the mind to places too far away and the hope that it ignites in your chest eventually leaves you dry anyway.

This was a pretty good week. Had an impromptu movie session and caught Divergent. Honestly, having read the book I was rather skeptical but it was an enjoyable and refreshing take on the story. Having faces and characters directly show what is happening really aids in the visualisation and makes the concepts clearer. The only flaw was that it was rather long, and there was little to no character development. I suppose that can only come from reading the book with the inner monologue of a character and their feelings. Plus the cinema just isn’t as peaceful and the movie less enjoyable with a crowd.

Spent my Friday night unglamorously devouring a chicklit/romantic comedy. It was lovely and unrealistic. Utopian even because isn’t that what love brings into our lives? The supposed final piece that makes a perfectly normal human being. The fufilment of one, all obligations complete. Still bittersweet though, still tangible though it was just words. The author was one of my favourites from Wattpad.

This reminds me – I have loads to read after A’s. The Game of Thrones, Divergent Trilogy (to be read again except for the last book) and some other series. Loads of movies and series to check out too. How is there time to experience it all?

Today was so physically exhausting. There was training in the morning, then piano at home before I rushed off for the riding lesson. I enjoyed myself though, everything went pretty well. I had an easygoing horse which was such a relief I don’t think I could’ve survived being thrown about.

I honestly want to live somewhere (I.e. not Singapore) where I can have a plot of land and own a pony. It has always been a dream for me. The idea of stopping riding later this year if I can’t cope frightens me. I think I should continue anyway. Maybe I should marry a farmer aha and get that peaceful, relaxing and dream life. With a pony. Yes, a little bay with socks and a blaze. And a fluffy mane and slightly rotund because skinny ponies just aren’t that soft and cuddly. Mhmmm.

Because it’s hard to take life too seriously sometimes. I just need thicker skin….really.