by Jolyn Low

Gaga is fabulous. Absolutely adored the concept and visual feast of G.U.Y. – She never fails to amaze me and inspire me.

I’m currently so inspired by her and Neon Hitch’s song Pink Fields. It’s my latest muse. Isn’t that wonderful.

On the other hand, I’m so happy that I’m done with nafa omg last one in my life :’) and I’ve managed to outdo myself this year. Personal best for 2.4km (11:04), SBJ (196) and S&R (49). So happy because it wasn’t expected, especially so for my running as I didn’t undergo rigorous training and wasn’t at my peak. I had a slight phase late last year during the holidays before I starting travelling all over and getting ill when I could run and push myself. I wish I could obtain that level of fitness again. It was good.

Thank God for those who pushed me through the run though. Dreamnt of it the night before and it was horrendous in my sleep and even more so when I actually did it. My face was so ugly someone should’ve taken a picture. Really am satisfied that I pulled through though I wanted to give up so badly.

I’m so tired now. Goodnight.