Oh darling we’re swinging down

by Jolyn Low

I’m so happy the braces are coming around fine, the gaps are all closed now and hopefully it’ll come off soon! I can’t wait to brush my teeth properly and reach all those areas hampered by the damn contraption already. Tmi, I know. Got through 3 xrays too omg I’m so afraid of taking xrays especially those regarding my teeth. The last time I did like over a year ago the bitch shoved the thing wrongly and it hurt so bad I cried. And she called me out for it wtf. But the woman this time was so nice other than the fact that the machine was scary and it was so uncomfortable not to mention how embarrassing my face was. Imagine squished up eyes and doing strange things, yep.

Been binging recently am just going to gain some fets alright. Ugh I hate the feeling of fats they make me feel disgusting especially when they squish together for the legs. 😦

I’m my own train wreck.