Know I’ve done wrong

by Jolyn Low

Oh my gosh. PW results are coming out tomorrow and I just hope that I don’t end up in tears. I’ve been so emotionally taut the past few weeks it just takes a little to send me over that cliff. If I get a B I would accept it though, because I know that I didn’t put in that much hard work – I printed my work shittily and not in colour for my PI and I’m not confident in the group section. But if you compare and think about it you can’t possibly be that bad…right?

Plz have mercy on me and my dumb brain. Other than Chinese (which I already have an A for thank the heavens) and considering my current results I doubt that I’ll even be able to obtain another A in the damn A levels. I seriously need those 10 points just because. Hah. Not surprized and completely expect a B though tbh.

Gah I’m getting all nervous now lol if I get a B it’s the first time in my life getting a B in a national exam (considering how few I’ve taken) omg this is bad. Time to get a move on with life toodles.