Hot whisky eyes

by Jolyn Low

Officially obtained two A’s thanks mum dad bro sis everybady lol I feel so accomplished because I’m so dumb in school right now I don’t even know how I did it. Really genuinely indifferent about my results now though. I’ve got bigger plans in store for myself/bigger dreams.

So this is what happened over the past few days: got my pw results, sucked big time on Tuesday and overcame another essay test which I honestly enjoy but still suck at. I enjoy the challenge of unexpected questions (not like I even predict or do anything tbh) and I like coming up with interesting examples with the bullshit I read online hehe. I substantiated my points and elaborated really badly today though, quite annoyed but exam conditions really do affect me. At least focus isn’t an issue. Just anxiety and blanking out.

Gosh, I just keep waiting for friday to come about but it’s always too fast. By the time I wake up it’ll be too late.

I’ve got so much crap to catch up on and to do. Someone save me.

I like coincidentally meeting people when I’m alone. I treasure and love being alone but sometimes company is nice. :’) especially unexpected and spontaneous happenings.

I’m considering taking a gap year before uni, but honestly I don’t really know. The uni talks today were so cool, and the prospect of a liberal arts education is so enticing. The fact that I could major in something that I’m really interested in, the arts is a bonus. It’s a package of all I ever want but if only I can get there. Film, sculpture and fine art omg that’s my motivation.

Even though it’s a selfish decision, isn’t university a time for you to find yourself and pursue your passions? I don’t want to end up doing something that I dislike. And although I do have a certain obligation I refuse to give up my dreams for that.

Let’s make this work out.