Somebody to die for

by Jolyn Low


I woke up at 5.05am thinking that I was going to be late from school to a strangely exhilirating dream. Not that my dreams tend to be boring, but they tend to be made out of context and in fantasy worlds. This one was so real because it was in s’pore and was so vivid that I still remember up till now (7am).

So I was on my way home after some event and was taking a bus towards clementi (why omg) and I missed my stop due to my idiocy. But in my dream, the expressway ran the opposite direction (now that I realize) and hence I obviously didn’t recognize it because of that. So I desperately wanted to get off and the next stop was so far away as buses don’t usually stop on the expressway afterwards and there was a mrt there. Like an ulu little underpass in the middle of an otherwise ulu and boring bus stop.

So I went in and got desperate for a toilet so I ran around but only got to the garbage area. At that time I was so panicky because it was creepy as hell – garbage bins, creepy people from the north and orange lights like those in movies. Imagine that. So I ran to the mrt and my phone and wallet were in my back pocket and bag respectively. A suspicious character was behind me and kinda slurred something at me suggesting that he took my stuff and I was horrified. I could only think about how reluctant I was to part with the money in my credit card (LOL). Whilst the guy sort of held me hostage I was reasoning if I should let him get away with my money and live or risk dying fighting back.

On the mrt I realized how far from home I was and I was totally lost on one of the newer lines of the mrt. It was yellow and light green and no, it is not a current line. The names were strange too. No one seemed to want to help me and I ended up begging the theif to let me use my phone to make a call home. So I did and I realized that he deleted my contacts and I was pissed and kept typing the wrong number because I was afraid.

In the end I contacted my parents and told them to cancel my atm card (LOL wtf is dream me doing) and to pick me up from another station later. I met a couple of other guys who were really nice, in the dream no one else bothered to help I have no idea why. And then it ends with a rather drastic reveal, that the experience was planned for entertainment purposes/it wasn’t real. Shocker, huh? 

My dreams that are set in reality tend to come true at some point of time. I once dreamnt that I was riding a white pony in a field and I ended up riding one in Australia later that year. It’s frightening tbh. Even dreaming about my 2.4km before the actual thing. Please don’t come true. Prophesizing isn’t on the list of things that I wanna do. Maybe not to this extent.

I’m so so so drowning in work and I’m so tired oh man got so much to accomplish this long weekend. The work won’t ever stop, would it? 😥

Thankful. So very much.