Angels in the sky

by Jolyn Low

I had another weird dream where I was in some room divided by thick curtains. Purple ones. And there were rooms where inside. I had some interview with a lady inside. And it went alright until she told me to seduce her (major lol) and I refused. I was somewhat cognizant through the dream but I have no real idea how much that was influencing my actions in it.

The weekend has been pretty alright again. But my life sucks now lol whenever I wanna spend my night doing something it goes somewhat like “we’re going out for dinner!” And by the time we return I just crash aha. Been obsessing over books too which hasn’t helped at all.

I was watching the Coachella vids omg looks so damn amazing but obviously better through my screen aha. Would’ve loved to experience it though. Maybe when I’m older and legal and with the right people. Gotta get more experience first and money.

I’m so hyped up aha.