Memories take me back to the wildest times

by Jolyn Low

Just savouring everything because it’s pretty much the last time I’m ever doing anything this year before A’s. The last “sports day”, the last season, and the inevitable last official training. So many lasts, yet so many firsts and lasts. At the very least, gonna milk it for all its worth.

Hiking was just about how I expected it to be except that I kinda brought Honey along. Surprisingly well behaved and being the little attention whore she is. Nah kidding she was good. It was a pretty random idea but i did ask for permission to bring her along plus she behaved well so sue me. Ah, love bringing the dog to new places and she loves people so.

Doesn’t hurt that it was literally like walking home.

Had class lunch with about 2/3 of the class too. Yay for Korean food and Udders! Tried the some new flavours which tasted so much better than the sundae we had last time. More subtle and matching flavours – except for strawberry which was too extreme in contrast to the more bitter/cocoa/creamy flavours. But it was still good. 🙂

Oooh this reminds me, the guy at the mall’s pet centre was so nice he let us in when we weren’t supposed to and he gave H water in a seemingly new bowl wtf. H was completely thirsty so she splashed the water all over and messed up the floor but he was so nice about it (ugh I feel bad) and let us stay there to let her cool off. And thanks to everyone who carried her/took care of her/shaded her omg.

I keep dreaming but I can’t obtain the lucidity that I had/I can’t remember it because it’s not deep enough a sleep.

Tests tests ahhhh tests!!!!! Not just tests.

Trying to de-tan but its not working ugh applying sunblock religiously and trying to stay in the shade not working at all. There’s the sock tanline, the shin guard gradient, the long sock line, and then the sliding shorts one. Not to mention the horrendous neckline one, the arm one and the hair tanline. Either I get totally wickedly tan or lose it. Losing it seems easier.

Ah, the future.