Don’t wanna see the numbers I wanna see heaven

by Jolyn Low

Currently feeling really mad frustrated with the sucky technology I have at home. I swear I seriously need to resort to getting my own desktop/laptop one day because its just so damn frustrating to never get anything done properly with the shit wifi and damn things here. Can’t even print in b&w properly, thanks. Being an ungrateful bitch here but one would seriously get miffed at the state of technological affairs if it can’t even change a messed up theme.

Almost blew an artery today – it was scorching hot during training and I felt like a lizard baking under the damn hot sun. If I was running or doing something really intense I wouldn’t feel so horrible cause I kept drinking and pretty much just stood there doing nothing. On the bright side, had a fun ride today. The pony was amazeballs and good and I love riding it and it’s the perfect size for me. Wish I lived else where where I can ride anytime and anywhere – meadows and space to do whatever I like. Just wistful imagination and dreams but oh do I want it so. I especially want to try riding bareback given how I enjoy riding without stirrups. Why was I born in Singapore 😥 I’m gonna marry a farmer if that means that I’ll get to do so.

Kinda mad because I’ve lost my watercolour palette. How the heck am I supposed to complete my latest piece ugh and to practice. Monochrome gets dull.