Lost sight of who you are

by Jolyn Low

I’m currently drowning in my insecurities albeit secretly. This thought of being so disgusted hence in need of self improvement has been manifesting in my mind the past few days. It’s horrible and I’m kinda afraid of what this seed of thought will result in.

So I suppose, as the seasons end in a maximum of two and a half weeks time, I need to do something to improve my physical state of being. And these are a few of my goals.

1. I want to maintain my weight or maybe even lose one to two kilos.
2. I want to slim down my thighs (it’s my personal problem area that I absolutely cannot stand) or convert those muscles to slim ones(!!)
3. Okay, forget it I want an overall more toned body (arms, legs, abs and butt) ok tmi but yes fml what you don’t genetically get you have to work for it!!!!! Screw genetics I’m doing this my way.
4. Eat healthier because working out wouldn’t work without a lifestyle change. So attempting to eat better and whole foods instead of processed crap that I absolutely love. And try to eat less.
5. Go vegetarian for a day every week. This would be much more convenient if I wasn’t living at home though.

Yes okay that pretty much sums everything up. Toned, less tan (hopefully..) and healthier. And about wanting to be less tan: it just looks better ok like easier to wear clothes and all if you’re pasty white without damn tan lines all over the place.

And this all starts….someday.