Strolling so casually

by Jolyn Low


Just another night sprawled on my bed getting in touch with my auditory fantasies. It’s getting closer and closer to the big A’s and guess where I am now on a scale of 1 knowing a bit and 10 being completely ready – I’m at like 0.
I’m going to change this flabby unfit body into something else, mentally and physically once I get the time to do so, which is never. On the other hand, I’m attempting a semblance at balance in my life this couple of weeks. Campfire this week, Shakespeare at the Park the next, and B.A.P at the end of this month oh my goodness I’m so excited to finally see them after 2 years and about 4 months after their debut. That reminds me, I’m going to make a slutty AA fanboard for Jae. What better way to get his attention, eh? I mean I wasted like 3 full days worth of pay on them I will get my moneys worth.

The remaining money in my bank just makes me sad. Worked so hard for something so easily thrown about in life. I often reminisce to doing pure hard shit labour or being mistreated doing that stupid $8 an hour job. Oh yeah just spend all that money on food/clothes/whatever. It comes from my damn hard work !?$&$&@: does anyone else feel that pinch and pain? I kind of want financial independence despite how hard it’ll be because I’ve been a burden for far too long. Withdrawing money from the bank makes me feel like crap because it’s my hard earned money. Easily over a hundred hours of it.

Things come too easily.