Boundaries I will try to knock down

by Jolyn Low


Today has been the most exhausting day ever. Okay, tomorrow might just come out tops.

My calf muscles ache like hell after skipping which really sucks because I usually never exert that area and my legs are on the verge of cramping ever since I’ve done that. Usually when I run I only feel it in my glutes when I sprint really hard or in my thighs on really bad days. My calves only cramped at night after extremely intense sessions – when I go to sleep and suddenly wake to excruciating pain in my calves. Feels like my muscles are contracting and changing positions which is damn scary and one time it felt so bad but I passed out because I was so tired.

Ugh tomorrow’s gonna be packed as hell there goes any time/plan to study. I desperately need to pack my room (lol) it’s a horrendous mess. Am I even female.

Oh yes and finally got a new card which is such a relief! Had fun window shopping too because there’s no point in buying anything now will do it after A’s. I’m definitely going to lose some muscle mass and gain some softness so that’s that. Definitely would want to even out my skin tone too.

The campfire was good. The impromptu softball one was better (lol) in terms of food. Gosh the bacon, sausages, garlic bread, and roast meat was amazing. Especially since it was served hot from the grill. Pleasantly surprised by the effort and it was fun fooling around.

6 hours of sleep c’mon let me be quick.

Falling ill and I can’t do anything to stop it.

On the bright side of life, I’m getting my shit together lol first time appearing on PowerPoint for good improvement yes my life is that pathetic and yes I’m that stupid. Pleasant surprise.