by Jolyn Low



Survived a pretty damn tiring day. Had training at like 8am after going for the campfire which was madness because >6 hours of sleep which I really need. And it was so bloody hot out there, felt like it was 33-35 degrees and we were standing in the sun. Body felt like it was pushed to its damn limits that day. My hands were trembling from exhaustion (lol). Riding was really tough too because of the horse (it was being mean) and I had calf cramps and lost my balance so many times and almost fell. But it was so cute when I was showering it. I like sturdy horses with thicker coats of fur with some fats hehe.

Had dinner at d’good cafe and the food was pretty affordable! I liked it. Except for the stupid 3L mocha frappe. Caffeine has the worst effect on me especially at night. Aye, staying away from it from now on. Thankfully I managed to sleep almost immediately when I got home. Was afraid of what happened the last time I had caffeine at night – a really bad case of insomnia.