No light, no light

by Jolyn Low

My holiday went amazingly well just sorting the crap out in my room which was a utter mess. Usually I just leave it to become worse and worse until one day I decide that I can’t do shit with such a messy environment and sort everything out because I want to. The mess then builds up again. Aha. But at the moment, it’s clean as heck.

SPA tomorrow and I’m so afraid that I’ll screw something up be it breaking somethig, going over the end point (as usual) or even missing the decimal places and making careless mistakes. On the other hand I’m rather nostalgic because it’s going to be the last time we’re ever going to be in the lab. And I honestly enjoy lab sessions it’s pretty fun at times and all. I hope I score a good mark.

I applied for the residential study programme. Hope that I get in tbh because I think it’ll really help me if not I’m so screwed. Got an email from the hostel office telling me they had no rooms until August or something. Thanks. But guess what bitches y’all ain’t going to stop me with just one rejection. I mean, shouldn’t the school help their students more.

I’m such a glutton I’m so sad lol I ate so much today. No wonder I’m just gaining fats and considering how it’s always raining during pe I’m like never going to run. I literally ate 3 full meals, snacked several times in between and had breakfast too. Fml.

So many scholarships available but so many bright applicants and talented people. How oh gosh I don’t want to compromise my interest again but since when did I really know what I want to do in life?

But first, let me get them A’s.