Life slips away and the girls come to play

by Jolyn Low

It’s the thrill of stumbling home past midnight, rushing to catch the last bus before disembarking and starting the long trudge home. The night sky borders on cobalt hues, like how I would imagine the sky to be before sunrise. Is it really nighttime? Or early morning? The brisk walk home examining everything and wondering if anything supernatural would come about at such wee hours of the morning. No cars drive past, no living soul awake to save me should I be magically whizzed off the streets. And I pace the path towards home. Nature surrounds me. It threatens the sidewalk and it teems with life. It always does. Only at this time of the day it comes alive. The buzzing and chirping of unknown beings, unhindered by the touch and effect of humans at this time. Why exactly does time revolve as it does? It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it. My arms hurt, my legs have gone past the point of aching and they feel light. The deep dark waters of the ponds look strangely alluring. I wonder what would happen if I accidentally keeled over and fell in. Drown, perhaps. Or feel so liberated by the cool water and become alive. As though it’s my life source. I walk the wooden bridge in – no cars rush past it now. It’s only me, stumbling and making my way the best I can – home. Home sweet home.

“No one is entirely a hero or a villain”

Shakespeare in the park was good this year. I suppose it had to do with the play itself – a lot more jovial, comedic and the context was so delightfully shifted which brought the play across so well. I would’ve preferred a reduced use of technology in the play though, i believe that mobile phones are the cheapest shit on earth though the irony is that I’m so dependent on mine that I’m even typing this on it. Ha. The only complaints I have is that of the audience – the hordes of school kids who don’t understand anything and destroy other’s experience by talking blatantly, reacting to the play in such a childish manner “awwwww”-ing at the kisses. Gtfo and please stop ruining the atmosphere and taking up valuable space. Okay, I understand why they behave in such a manner but I just feel so annoyed that they semi-ruined the atmosphere at times. Control the kids if you’re bringing them out seriously. And it was surprisingly crowded like the lawn was filled. Hated the crowd really was so squished up and uncomfortable. On the bright side there was a ton of cute people there hehe I love people watching and looking at pretty people *_* #storyofmylife

Devouring pizza like a hungry kid was cool too. So was the q&a which was pretty damn amazing and good because the annoying and uninterested kids who blatantly didn’t appreciate anything or have basic respect left and ugh we were so close to their perfection. I don’t mean to be a snob but they were lying down and listening to music on their cell phones in the middle of the play. Like okay its none of my business but akfhfidb.

I had an amazing sleep in and joy ride and dinner sharing a pork knuckle with the dad. Oh man let his birthday luck rub off me please. I hope that I’m able to give back as much to my parents as they’ve done for me…one day. Give me a couple more years, I’ll do you guys proud. Despite bitching constantly about how unfair the world is and being the epitome of bad luck and character. I’ll make it, I swear, just in my own way and time.

Finalssssssssss. It seems so surreal that it’s all coming to an end in two days. Gotta go all out/no regrets.

On the bright side my results are crap but I’m slowly improving yay me. GP, and bio on the rise. But math is going down because of my utter laziness and lack of time management. Let me pull chem up and try to improve lit for the pass. I refuse to be meeting the p and being singled out but if that gets me where I wanna go, I’m all for it.