We were cold and we were clear

by Jolyn Low

I’m so excited oh my goodness b.a.p in approximately 6 days someone save me. Finally going to see them (live) after about 2 and a half years of following those boys. *_* though my level of craziness has reduced from watching literally every live performance throughout their first year to just watching selective ones, I still love them to bits. Considering how I’ve followed them since debut I can’t wait to see everything, from Warrior times till 1004. Wish they had more variety show appearances though, maybe even their own variety show. But then again I can’t imagine them doing typical variety show stuff.

I’m going to make a fan board for Jae and I better get some fan service (lol). But really, was just so close to winning the high 5 tickets 😦 the ass sitting next to me got it instead fml. #storyofmylife #badluckjolyn can jae like throw his shirt at me….haaaaa wishful thinking, I know.

Anyhoo Friday was horrendous I swear I have post examination traumatic syndrome or something I was so wound up because of gp – totally panicked and had irrelevant and stupid, not insightful arguments. And it was so damn cold wtf I had a jacket on already and I was shaking so bad/so numb that I couldn’t tie my papers together. Thank goodness I had a jacket but I’m going to bring a blanket next time?! My feet were so cold I could feel my toes freezing. Digits freezing = first signs of frostbite. And they were still numb 10 minutes after the 3 hours. Can’t imagine taking A’s in it and how bad it’ll be. The horror. Freezing, not able to think, nervous and panicky. Say goodbye to passing exams.

Is it normal to feel so sleepy and tired all the time? Or am I just so sleep deprived that I’m killing myself everyday rushing things out.

Might be checking into the hostel and hoping for the best. It’s kinda rushed though.