Away from home

by Jolyn Low


The amount of crap I’m lugging to the hostel. Usually I try to pack light but I obviously failed this time round. Clothes enough to rotate over weeks in a little luggage check. Food. Soooooap check. All the damn study materials I’ll ever need check. I’m ready for war fyeah.


On the down side, I’m leaving my little piece of heaven tonight. It feels so strange, like I’m moving away forever even though I really am not. It’s scary yet I welcome it in these tumultuous times. I’m going to miss this childhood bedroom. And my soft comforter and ugh my bed.

I wonder if I’d chicken out and leave. But I can’t really. Ready for the shit that’s gonna be thrown at me today!

I want to bring some more memorabilia such as my little elephant (I’m not superstitious or anything but it comforts me) from Cambodia. But I don’t have the room to spare at the moment. May all my stuff fit the small space there. Amen.