Been trying to keep my grip

by Jolyn Low

I can’t even. Been spamming videos and entertainment ever since I got home because unlimited access to WiFi is just so precious to me now. Plus I’ve pretty much reached my limit for my data usage so woe to me. Just watching running man and bap and reliving how happy I was/basking in their utter perfection. Ok I have issues.

Just dying because I’m back at the hostel and it’s so hard to do stuff plus it’s a Monday I hate Mondays had the absolute hardest time trying to get out of bed. Meeps totally regret sleeping at 2am last night there goes catching up on my sleep. Absolutely can’t function without it.

Having sudden urges to go shopping recently. I think its due to the fact that I find that I have little to no clothes whenever I want to dress up. There is literally nothing for me to experiment with anymore and my wardrobe is sorely lacking in so much.