Born with freedom

by Jolyn Low

Or am I?

I don’t know, really. Everything seems to be a short term goal, a quick fix solution here. Mugging my ass off for the month – to get better results (hopefully) and to attempt to get good enough grades for the exam that ultimately kinda determines my future. Why isn’t there a back-up plan that doesn’t involve wasting more years of my life? Am I doomed to this existence, going with the flow and competing with so many others who actually are good at this? Will life get better, is it actually more than this?

The grass is always greener on the other side. I’ve always admired and envied those who live such seemingly free lives, coveting their freedom, talent and ability to do whatever they want. Always disdainful of my own country for the rigidity and lack of options (in my opinion) or maybe because I chose this path. Or my parents did, pushing me into what they thought was the best for me. Even so, I haven’t managed to escape from this so it’s all up to me.

Seems like life would begin after A’s. I want to visit other countries so badly and am extremely excited with the plan to go to Korea now. It’s one of those countries in Asia I’ve yet to visit and it seems like a fitting country to go to. Stoked and hopefully it comes true.

Need to work out I’m so grossly lazy and lethargic 😦 died just horse riding and getting weak. Not everyone can be blessed with the ultimate perfect body without putting in any effort whatsoever. Hard work shall prevail.