My body, I must reclaim

by Jolyn Low

So these past few days have been crazy and I’ve totally been neglecting my study schedule I can’t even. Went for a haircut, tuition and visited on Mon so that ruined my studying plus I couldn’t fall asleep and hence overslept. Also I went to the gym, caught a movie and went out for dinner and to stock up on hostel stuff with the roommates and lost my phone today so there goes my studying, really I’m so behind time now.

Got all my dental stuff on the bright side. Been needing it because I’ve become really anal about my dental care. Darn braces.

I feel great after working out though! In all seriousness my fitness level has plummeted so badly and I’ve yet to see an improvement in anything but I hope to get better.

Left alone in Singapore whilst the rest of the fam enjoys themselves in Japan 😥 well we’ll just wait and see after a’s shall we.