Just salt in the wound

by Jolyn Low

I can’t believe how time flies. It’s nearing the end of June and I’m just totally caught off guard. Prelims are coming. Followed by prelims 2 and the final exams oh goodness I’m so unprepared. :’-(

I’ve enjoyed my stay in the hostel to be honest. The company and the lifestyle has been good although there’s obviously loads to be improved on the programme and way that it is run obviously. Just dying trying to spend all those damn hostel credits on horrible food and unhealthy food at that. I’m like only halfway through when I need to finish it by like next month?! And I try to spam food for breakfast.

The cats at the hostel are amazing they’re so friendly and squishy and soft and pretty. I cannot I almost thought the ginger one was going to follow me home on hindsight I really wanted it to. Was signing out at the guardhouse and it kept purring and rubbing against my feet (so adorable) and it then escorted me out of the hostel before having a total internal dilemma and stopping but still looking on. I OFFICIALLY NEED A CAT. There’s this gorgeous dark gray (kinda pewter) coloured one that hung at dinner with us too and she’s so friendly and tame and gorgeous. The sad thing is that although they look really well fed and are well acquainted with humans these cats have patches of missing fur and sores. Wish that more could be done for them and I hope that there isn’t some dominant male going around mauling the others especially ginger. They look really chill and content though. Lovely creatures.

I’m so excited that I’m going home. I miss it so and hence I don’t think that I’ll be able to live overseas for an extended period of time. Okay, maybe I could but it’ll be pretty hard/harder than I expected. I do love being overseas though. It’ll be amazing to live there and to study there for a time being. Maybe the UK or the USA or even Taiwan/Korea/China/Australia. I miss having my $2 huge bowl of porridge-10 xiao long bao-10 jiao zi breakfast from the old couple at Guangzhou. I love such “peasant” food because it’s just delicious and so amazingly filling yet affordable seriously. Taiwan is amazing too. It’s public transport is better than Singapore’s in certain areas, I dare say. The people are super nice and its really affordable too. If only I were better at Chinese; I wouldn’t mind trying to study there. Maybe I should aha the shopping is amazing too. To go for a dream or to etch myself back into reality in being practical.

Ah, because the grass is forever greener on the other side!