All the thoughts that we transpose

by Jolyn Low


It’s pretty awesome finding an artist who literally has all the songs that you need and can relate to in life. Meaningful lyrics, check. Fabulous melodies. And of course a style that appeals to you. I think that I’ve just found both my English and Korean equivalent of that. Their songs are a soundtrack that I require to get through life. Being strange, but yes. I tend to fall in love with a particular sound/style but it changes at times as I experiment – always returning to a certain band eventually though.

Ugfh had the Starbucks 1 for 1 tiramisu frappe and redeemed my free cake and dying of diabetes and hyperglycemia right now I’m so sleepy. This is why I need to eat more healthily this lifestyle is not sustainable. I really need an overhaul.

The fact that prelims are coming just dawned on me I realised that I’m still majorly unprepared aha such a joke. I need to know my new timetable but knowing the way things work I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a shitty schedule once again. I still have math and lit to cover oh goodness and to practice and go through my sciences. Thank goodness I managed to fix my gc I swear I’m going into the exam hall armed with all the different batteries and a screwdriver. Being really cautious now because of how unpredictable things can be. I’ll seriously start bawling if technology fails me during the exams.

Oh the vicious cycle of judgement in life. Such an amazing yet scary phenomenon. I’m guilty of that too I guess but sue me.

Need a cat!!!!!!

I love the post-workout feeling. The burn in the arms, the winded breath but the need to keep pushing. Sadly my stamina is utter crap at the moment. At least my core is improving or so I believe it to be. Need to burn more to see the results though. I really want to be stronger. Working out at night feels good. I’m too damn lazy to focus on one part of the body so full body workouts would have to do for now. I really want to push my legs though, I don’t feel the burn yet but I’m so damn lazy to push for longer distances. It’s too mentally daunting right now. I admire people who can keep running, seriously. It’s great but it’s such a tough thing to do.

Math! Thou shalt conquer you! I hope! Trying to spam my data plan now because I’m grossly under utilizing it. I hope I go home to nice surprises from Japan!