Focus is a virtue

by Jolyn Low

You know what you’re allured to.



I realised that my post on Monday totally didn’t appear. Damn, there goes all my effort coming up with a nice post. The contents of the previous has already escaped the grasp of my little mind, and I apologize.

But hey, I really like these pictures. My closet is in a terrible mess again so I guess that didn’t last. Doesn’t help that I’ve only two uniform shirts which is a total nightmare planning the laundry. Thank goodness for tgif honestly.

It’s halfway through the week and I’m just dying from all the papers. Lit was horrendous because I suck at it. And so was biology. How am I going to pass? I’ve no idea. But really, this is bloody frustrating. Not to mention that there’s about 2.5 more subjects to sit for. Math is wearing me out because that’s just it. And don’t even bother about chemistry and the second lit paper because I’ve bloody given up on lit. I might just manage to pull my chem up this time (I hope). Bit by bit.

This is really pathetic but I realised how busy life after A’s are going to be too. To sort out the grade 8 once and for all, and to earn as much moolah as I can whilst living life as sedentarily as I could before uni.

Bad Sun’s Twenty Years might just end up becoming the story of my life.

On the bright side, applied for leave from Saturday till Tuesday and I think that I’m going to get away with it! Hellooooooo thrift shopping and more shopping. Life’s going to be fabulous in about two days!