We move like the Ocean, but I can’t swim anymore

by Jolyn Low


The next thing I was conscious of, from falling fast asleep around midnight, was of the wild thunder and lightning, the storm, that was outside my window. Probably partially due to the splattering of the rain, from the windows that were left open through this entire ordeal that woke almost every living being. Thunder and lightning are milliseconds away – right outside my window, as the lightning strikes yet again. I fear for my safety as it flashes so brightly in front of my face yet again. With closed eyes, it shouldn’t have been so blinding but it is. And the fire alarm starts to ring.

It is scary symbolic to me how this storm has come the morning before the exams on Monday and now again at the end of mine this Saturday morning. I’m slowly psycho analyzing the entire event because why not and symbolism hello. My mind cross links the strangest things but such strange happenings have to be ruminated upon. So I popped up awake to find myself cold but not so uncomfortably so, put on a hoodie and used a towel to shield my poor legs. It’s the perfect temperature imbalance. I created a playlist that I thought suits the weather, and its mainly from a new band that I’ve been listening to and responsible for all the strange titles! Hint: Bad Suns. I’ve been loving their sound so much.

This reminds me, of this song that had thunder in the background and I thought that there was a storm going on outside when it was totally dry.

Am I growing old? To be awoken by such otherwise unconcerning weather at this age.

But hey, prelims 1 are over for me. This is amazing time is flying by so quickly I cannot believe that I’ve spent such a long time in the hostel already. But I definitely see the payoff. I’ve somewhat completed my first chemistry paper with more confidence and knowing or semi knowing what was going on. Maybe it was an easy paper, I don’t know. I hope that I improve.

It feels good to have an idea of what I want to do this weekend till Tuesday. Food, wine, oh shower me with the glorious material pleasures there is on earth.