I will imprison you in darkness

by Jolyn Low


Yes, I have no clothes which totally justifies my shopping today. I’m so eggcited it’s been so long since I’ve actually bought anything. And that’s called a <$10 ootd yup diy shorts which I tried to distress and a t-shirt that I suppose is apt.

I just mopped and sweeped the room I'm exhausted wtf came back this morning to dump all my stuff and get things sorted out because tests just destroy whatever effort used to make my study stuff organized. Going out shopping later though, hehe. With only <5 hours of sleep because I slept late and woke early and got awaken by the idiot who entered my room and what ensued was a cussing/screaming match and my fist itched to draw some pleasure from harm. (As poetic as I can get here, thanks)



Introducing Flower the mouse and Benjamin the polar bear. Feel like I’m running an adoption agency for lost/sad stuffed toys here. Found Benjamin sadly lying in the store room at home waiting to be donated and me being the selfish bitch I am was too attached to him to possibly let him go to a slobbering child (he was my brother’s and idk why he would abandon him) and liked his puffiness so much that I decided to give him a second shot at life! I think I’ll stop at 2 though because my bed at home was entirely overpopulated and the bed here is rather tiny, really.

Can’t decide if I’m a heavy or light sleeper to be honest. I think I’m more towards the light side because I can definitely be awaken given a certain level of stimulus but when I sleep I often sleep very well and deeply like totally unaware until I get sucked out of that vortex of unconciousness. It really feels like I’m underwater before coming up for air when I wake up. Like when you sink down the deep end of a pool and sit there meditating before you come up suddenly and open your eyes. Like that.

Balance. That’s all that’s needed.