Will I go home? Or will I run away?

by Jolyn Low

The grasp of reality, that last cling onto my otherwise free body, has brought me back to the cold hard reality. The cycle of consciousness that thankfully keeps my perspectives grounded if not for the constant transitions as I muddle my way through the murky waters. It’s not clear. For a long while, it hasn’t been. The darkness that I thought was gone, banished, has henceforth returned and it dominates. Am I unhappy? No. Am I depressed? At moments, yes, but that is easily overcome now. Am I happy? Not exactly. Yet I do have moments when it shines so gloriously bright, when my soul feels free.

Is this a relapse or a good transition that I need to get me where I have to go? I need to succeed.

On the other hand, I’ve been having strange dreams again. Like wowza what even happened.

I am unhealthy. I need supplements ugh.