With a little poise and rationality

by Jolyn Low


Wonderful days and everything else fades. I’m fascinated and I see no other way of living.

Just had my teeth drilled ugh I hate how hard it is with braces. Thankfully it’s coming off next January. HALLELUJAH. In the meantime, shall just look forward to that and keep them pearlie whites as healthy as possible.

The good/reassuring thing is that my percentiles are going up but it’s still stick at rock bottom for some subjects (chem) ugh. I’m quite thankful that I’m being forced into the worst band “band 3” as explicitly and carelessly labelled by a certain adult though. Thank goodness there are competent people there. Would’ve had a major bitch fit but finally some wise decisions/luck.

On the flipside it is so tiring trying to push on. Been trying to have a better lifestyle though. Hopefully it works.

I’d better go, the study room is surprisingly alright to study in. For now.