Just trust and faith; for you’ll never know

by Jolyn Low

Sometimes, I wonder if constantly going overseas is my personal crutch in life. Give me all the money and time in the world, and I’d choose to travel. Travelling to far flung lands where the roads are different. Maybe just not in a car lol I kinda dislike road trips. Give me train trips any day/ can teleportation actually be real.

This is ridiculous lol I slept at 2 savouring my bed and using the internet but then I had to wake up at 4 before leaving Singapore around 5 and now I’m almost at kl at its 8.30??? Damn. This is amazing. Worth the early waking up and being damn grouchy because that’s what happens when you lack sleep.

I need to win that damn contest and passes LOL PLZ HAHAHA LET THINGS HAPPEN AND GO MY WAY FOR ONCE. But what are the chances man how am I going to win – be one of the lucky 100 out of maybe almost ten thousand entries. And if I do I’ll still have to do a shit load of excuse making to see them because it’s a bad time – 8pm till who knows when because recordings aren’t as short anyway. But wait I need to win those tickets first anyway hehe sincerity please let me win! I can’t even express how disappointed I always am despite how much I love them I never win these contents ugh. Instead the bimbo next to me won the high touch passes and all aodhfbfjgodnf HOW IS THAT FAIR?!?!?! I SOUND LIKE SUCH AN ENTITLED BRAT (I AM) BUT UFH SOMEONE FEEL MY FRUSTRATION. Good karma which hasn’t come at all throughout the year please appear and make up for the shit that was my grades omg. And save some for a’s too omg HAHAHA. I sound insane. But really B.A.P is just so amazing I need to see them 😥 up close and personal. I regret not going for their fan meet in 2012 and the 2013 concert. I sound obsessed like I idolize them or something – I really just admire them and love their music. I can’t forget their concert in Singapore man it was awesome but imagine a small intimate setting goodness that’ll be so much more amazing and the chance of actually interacting and asking them all the questions that I have for them!!! How do I even sum up why and how much I want to see them?!

But hey I had a fabulous yesterday watching their 30,000 miles on earth with Jun. I swear they all dislike the spotlight but Chan/Dae/Jae do what they have to. And had guo tie/tang jiao/beef noodles/zha jiang noodles for lunch which was awesome and cheap $24 in total for a totally filling meal. Pretty damn good for the quality honestly. I love that stall. And breakfast today was great too at some cafe kinda place with fruit juice and bread! Had the satis-something breakfast and I totally got reminded of satis house omg ahahah anyone??? Idk how it plays into the dish though. Maybe I’ve got the relation wrong. Not like I’m good at lit anyway.

Wow school is killing me. But who cares when you can just overseas on a spontaneous idea last week? I really don’t find anything that I like though.

Honestly, all I want to do now is to sleep and do nothing. Maybe go for a swim and then knock the hell out. Ugh.




Hi from the last ndp celebration ever in that school.