Pour the champagne!

by Jolyn Low

Geez have I enjoyed myself.

Had access to the club floor of the hotel and guess who was drinking wine(s) and champagne. Totally wanted to try hard liquor but sadly wasn’t allowed to. (What’s new?) I’m more accustomed to less potent stuff anyway the last time rum was on the mix it didn’t end up pretty with cringing upon every mouthful of ice cream.

Got heels and this pair of adorable Oxfords I was so sad when I realised that they didn’t have my size but tried it a size bigger and it still looks fabulous. The branded goods there are just ridiculously priced though.

Had a massage but the damn lady dug her thumbs in and so hard especially on the scalp I felt like I was dying. Does she not feel my bones? I stand by my belief that Thailand and Cambodia have the cheapest and best massages ever.

Caught guardians of the galaxy and it was surprisingly good.

I absolutely hate travelling by car sometimes. Especially within or across close countries. Train> car. Any day. Looks like my schedule is screwed for the rest of the day as usual can’t do no shit right can’t y’all.

Time to get back in the swing of things. Refreshed and recharged and sick of having fun whoops.