Feeling as good as lovers should and can

by Jolyn Low

Is it the 80 day mark already? I cannot believe how time is flying. It seems like forever since I’ve touched a softball, since I’ve failed those tests at the beginning of the year. Since I’ve checked into the hostel. Routines have been formed and broken. I would like to believe that I’ve broken a bad habit of not studying. Such vice is hard to cure – the struggle occurs every day. Being efficient and effective, that’s what will make a difference now.

The work is piling on and I’m falling farther behind in my revision schedule. There seems like there’s just simply no time to complete anything on top of the crazy amount of revision required for school. Is there any choice? No. Chemistry is especially taxing. Doing three papers for three different lessons is no joke. I feel good having been moved to band 2 for lectures though. It always feels good to press forward and be acknowledged to be able to. I sincerely hope that it’ll be the right decision to move on. Juggling so much work is so hard but I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep up for a majority.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m on the right path at all. I’ve had a sudden enlightenment that this does empower me. Education is such a blessing I should sincerely stop taking it for granted. I might not be the luckiest or smartest kid out there but I’m sincerely thankful for having all the opportunities that I’ve had. For making it (almost) out of the tertiary education hell which has pushed me further. I’ll probably scoff at this next time but I wonder how much further I’ll go and what I’ll think of my a level experience.

I always enjoy Fridays 🙂 the library was quiet and even kinda empty. Basketball with the neighbours was good too I’ll miss it when it’s all over. Late night chats, cards. Ah.

Had an amazing session today. Most amount of freedom although I was semi scolded. Just two people in a huge arena of 60x20m and so much cantering that it made my legs all wobbly and weak after. Feels great to be honest though it could’ve been better if I got my favourite horse. I swear I have chemistry (lol) with it. I remember a joke about what’ll happen when I ride a white pony and guess what – got a white pony today. Haaaaaa haaaaaa.

Going to the mega flea with juns tonight woohoo. Feeling awesome wearing my pretty shoes.


Amazing matcha slush thing with toppings at snowflake in kl 😥 I wanna go back. Has a week really passed in a blink of the eye? At the very least I could joke about how I slacked in style.


Right. Pretty shoes. Those!!!!! Ugh my faded black jeans totally doesn’t do it justice do you see the ribbons?! So pretty right. Right. And I’m wearing a cat shirt. Which is made of a good material I am so anal about that for clothes. If it’s not good quality, no way in hell am I going to wear it anymore. Sorry for being a prude but I’ve had it with crappy clothes. Quality and affordability over brand any day. Am currently revamping my wardrobe so forgive me.

Haaaaa just got jeans for $4.90 at uniqlo. Made the poor cashier have a hard time ringing it up but hey, black jeans at this price? Worth it. Currently loving basics and Japanese fashion. So sleek.

Had dinner at bibigo which was pretty great. Affordable with a nice ambience – the interior design was on point. I was obsessed with the bare warm light bulbs. And wood furnishing ugh and cutlery that went so well together. The prices were pretty good too not to mention that it’s my first time using my card to pay because of a discount (hey it adds up alright…). Definitely a good experience and I’m glad we tried it! Virgin bibimbap well spent. Had black rice, beef and all sorts of vegetables which was really nice and it felt so healthy. Goodness, I need to take a trip up to Korea next year.


Glorious food.

Work hard, play harder.