You maniac

by Jolyn Low

Are you satisfied with the person in the mirror? No. She’s ugly. Look at her eyes, they’re crazy. That uneasiness you get  around her because she’s bad. And the ugly heart hidden within her chest.

Being too sensitive is bad. But being insensitive is worse. Interactions have become a burden yet again. Can one not live life smoothly and peacefully for too long? Because conflict lies within ourselves. This is the line and ain’t nobody gonna cross it.

Ha ha ha.

Thunderstorms lighten the spirit. Heavy rain often makes me feel so carefree and happy – maybe because I feel like it signifies a new beginning. A new phase of the cycle. To put the bad past behind me and to move on and be strong.

Joy. I felt it whilst I ran freely. Expression feels good. Good company, good times, a good lifestyle. Good food.
Blessings just like rain.