The flames that eat you alive

by Jolyn Low


Teehee realized that the ^ actually looks pretty cool. Kudos to the gigantic oxygen eating flame those monsters produce.

I dream of the freedom of conceptualizing and bringing to life a space of my own. Wood, minimalism, or a warm, orderly mess of a place. But definitely wood. I love the wear and tear and rustic feel. Just need an empty warehouse in the middle of a forest, a sweet bay pony, a tortoiseshell cat and a delightful poodle to spend the time with me. Totally could spend my days doing art/carving/making pottery and films and reading in such an environment. It’s pretty damn unrealistic though.

I’ve been thinking of how devastated I’ll be when my dog dies. Which is a pretty realistic thing because I think she’ll pass on when I’m 28 or even earlier. Shit. I keep thinking of how I’d bring her on walks every day after A’s because she’s just been rotting now without yours truly.

I had a fabulous Saturday yay. Started raining really badly whilst I was waiting like frickin crazy winds, heavy rains and lightning and thunder. So being the brat I am I retreated to the cafe and spent my money on expensive tea wtf. And stinked up the whole place HAHAHA whilst acting all classy downloading and reading gp. Life of a student. 

Toe the fine line.