Because we’re worth it

by Jolyn Low


Because if you won’t stand up for yourself, if you live under the reign of another power, you cannot be. It’s sad how we are hindered by the existence of a sheet/sheets of paper and plastic. Is that really wealth? Does that truly make you you? No doubt, everyone needs some. There’s a fine line between adequacy, comfort and useless excesses though.

If I told you what plagues my mind you wouldn’t believe it too. It’s quite funny how different that is from my perceived usual way that I go about in life. But some things just need to be kept like a  Pandora’s box. “Just so dark and foul I can’t disguise” (Hurricane – I kinda forgot the singer…is it Metric? Though the sound is completely different. I miss my songs that were lost in my iPhone which decided to bail on me; thanks buddy. Ah, its Ms MR after research.) Your perception is your reality after all. I wonder how higher beings, hypothetically like how you’ll be after death as an angel or however you’d like to see it, see everyone’s different thoughts and little realities. Like piecing the big picture together to see the large scale reality. Who truly knows?

I spent Friday night remodelling my room. Took so much out of me but it was productive at least. Got the table uncluttered for more productive use and packed everything away neatly. I feel pretty damn satisfied seeing all my bio and chemistry notes neatly tucked away on the shelf. Brought some instant oats into the hostel so I’ve got a healthy alternative at the very least for breakfast, missed dinners and snacks.

Lazed my Saturday and Sunday away as usual, just gp all day every day through the useless information that I digest. I adore my tutor he’s so modern and opinionated and his perception puts everything into perspective for me. I want to be someone like that. There at some leaps and bounds to that though. Need to clean up my act asap! Give me until after A’s though. I need this time.

Let me sleep and think up a storm of ideas. And wake in the state to perform.

Promise? But the premise of my faith does not lie on sand.