Dread locks

by Jolyn Low



Therapy. My form of therapy. It’s kinda funny how I came home last week to see the dog with short hair and how both of us ended up with our hair cut. Unintended and coincidentally.

Thankful for being exposed. To other little facets of life. To the alternate yet coexisting realities that exist. The problem of living life too comfortably is that there is no threat to your survival. What is it like to live in such uncertainty? To meet adversity greater than what you’ve ever thought about?

Kinda makes me realize how much I lack if I want to achieve what I want.
Seems like the days after the big A’s would be spent on the piano, experimenting on various medium, hopefully producing a tangible result and learning. I would like the time to read those books on my kindle, explore and just read. I’m also thinking of brushing up on my chinese through reading and watching more shows. Man, those few months would be spent well. I swear.

Young, wild, hungry and most of all, still free.