by Jolyn Low

That’s a wrap! Feeling accomplished because I finally “get” inorganic chemistry. Somehow on the 5th try of reading through and memorizing it has gone into this thick skull. Shall work on drilling it in now. The satisfaction is so euphoric especially today during the paper when I could actually apply what I knew.

The final examinations are over! I’m so relieved yet I’m freaking out because I’m so unprepared for A’s despite all the preparation that’s been done. The damn double papers were truly horrendous but I guess it’s a payoff for not having continuous papers day after day. Thankfully the real thing is going to be spread out, one down after another and with the space I need to gather my wits.  I just hope that I can salvage whatever I can in these 5 weeks – perhaps save my imminent death especially in chemistry. 😥 my percentile and grades are a joke I swear. So is my math but that’s definitely going to be coming up this time. Hope that I don’t get any S or Us this time round (but then again, my chemistry…).

The final lap!