Decisions and derisions

by Jolyn Low

Sometimes I feel like my decisions need to be respected. In other times, perhaps another time I won’t feel this way. But this is my reality now. How I perceive it. How I chose to live it. Please give me the liberty of that. Don’t disregard the fact that everyone has their own life. And this is mine.

Went thrifting today and damn I missed thrifting. Kinda. Found a pretty good pair of old jeans I’m gonna shred real well after A’s. Worth the money if it lasts as long as I think it would. Ripped bermudas here I come. Wanted to find a dress but that didn’t work out (obviously). Problems of being petite ugh. Found heels that were perfect but they just had to be a size large. Got the Clash of Kings at a steal too hehe shall continue my quest after A’s. Might even use the left over jeans material for something else. The trick is the material and the wash. 😉

Mad but watch it.