Wake me up when September ends

by Jolyn Low

I’m kinda hungry in the middle of the night and this is working out well because I refuse to eat (from a biological perspective eating is a bad thing to do). Am going to have to survive on really little now because of the change in system in the hostel. Additionally, yours truly being the genius she is spent all her money on meatballs, ice cream and a Tupperware because it’s complicated. I’m looking forward to the food tomorrow yet I’m kinda dreading it all the same. It’ll be a bumpy start and end.

Went out on a limb and overrode my prior decision to avoid the old campus. To be honest the only memories I had there were those of the rocky start in my softball life. I don’t particularly recall much happening because I wasn’t involved and I pretty much slept through all the physics lessons and almost failed.

At least it’s semi-closure for me. Graduation and prom would be the final seals. I’m wondering what I would feel if anything and am honestly dreading it because in between I’m going to face the A’s. I suppose I have no regrets regarding the entire 6 years I’ve been here (okay, maybe a few) but overall it’s made me grow that much more.

Whatever the result, it’s not in my hands anymore.

The month to the A’s. Indeed, the wake up call when September ends.