A woozy you, dopes up on a silky smooth perfume

by Jolyn Low

My sleep cycle is terribly messed up. Ever since prom/pre-prom I’ve consistently been sleeping around 2-4am and hence waking at 9-11am. Yep, messed up. Today was no different. I woke and realised that I was going to be flying off to Japan. Time is flying by so quickly (too quickly). In a blink of an eye it’ll be March and I’ll find out about my grades. Then comes university applications (and hopefully a trip to Bangkok). And then school starts again.

Having wasted/in the process of wasting an entire month worth of time, I decided that I’ll work my ass off once I get back. I’m ecstatic that I’ve finally nailed a job. After 3 interviews only one option came through so far hahaha wow my interview skills are amazing. There is the potential for a total train wreck where various priorities pile up but I hope this all works out. I need to remember my prior commitments and finally get piano over and done with for one. Now’s not the time to neglect/slack off. I need this.

Hoping to enjoy Japan again. It’s probably the most visited country other than Malaysia. Travelling sucks though. We’re stopping over at HK and the flight to HK was such a horror I swear. The flight was literally filled with (to be really frank and mean/sorry but I’m just expressing my discontent & frustration) bawling children who couldn’t shut up since the damn boarding till landing. It’s a bloody public nuisance. Asked the mom and she said that she never had an issue travelling with me. Because I’m awesome (or just naturally quiet and shy).

It’s kinda silly but I’m developing a slight phobia of planes because of how sick I feel whenever I’m in one. Had the worst headache ever before on the flight back from Cambodia and that kinda ruined me because the pain then was unbearable. Ever since I’ve been getting headaches more often and it’s damn scary. No repeats, please.

To winter! Time to embrace the cold in approximately 5 hours time.